Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

House tug-of-war

Today we are going to do a house tug-of-war. by now you are probably wondering "why are we having a tug-of-war"? well houses are like teams and if you win an event (eg tug-of-wars) you get house points. As you get more points you climb up the leader board and you can win trophy's for your house. There are four houses: Hampden (green), Wimea (orange), Niatawa (blue) And The best house VAN DEIMIN!!! (YELOW!!). Van deimin is my house but ever since MR.Joss left we have been the last on the leader Board. So now everybody (thats not in van deimin) makes fun of it. so i'm hoping this will win us some house points!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

winter sports

yesterday we did winter sports, even though its spring. for winter sports i did mini ball (its (mini) basketball).
i didn't have much of my friends on my team-or even doing mini ball. but anyway we had 3 matches 4 minutes each half, 8 minutes altogether we won 2 and we lost 1.
we had to have lunch before we could begin. me and my friend Caleb played Pokemon go at lunch, except we only stayed in one place so we couldn't catch any pokemon.  a little bit after that we went back inside

Thursday, August 4, 2016

the Production

Last week I tried out for the production, at the tryouts there were like 100  kids there including me. Most of the kids just stood at the back of the stage and mumbled, I didn't want to be all the same and bland (no offence)  so I went on stage and did everything a bit different  and threw in a bit of "jazz hand" action and believe it or not I got in to the second stage of the tryouts.  Then a day after that I was in room 2 in the second stage of the tryouts-but this time we  had to Act out an Scene  that was  actually in the production! So one scene later i was excused to go to lunch and a day later i got the part of "will shutter" the cameraman of the news station "ott-tv". We had a short  practice and then we were given our script while we walked out the door and that's how i got a part!!